Uninterrupted record of producing UPSC philosophy topper in Hindi medium consecutively each year since in 2007. Record of producing UPSC Hindi medium topper thrice in our 7 year history. Highest number of selections among all Ethics (GS Paper IV) institutes

Despite a general decline in the number of selections in Hindi medium in the last four years, we have maintained a record of more than 20 selections every year from Hindi medium. Our aim is to develop the potential of each aspirant to his or her maximum, through teaching with a positive approach. An aspirant’s success depends upon his potential and if an institute is able to develop the same to the fullest, the prospects of his or her success would naturally improve. Inspired by this vision, we have incorporated understanding of concepts and enhancement of writing skill as key elements of our class room program. Our attempt is to ensure that students prepare for the exam by developing an understanding of the concepts and not through rote learning, so that not only their prospects of success brighten, but they also grow in term of their self-confidence.


Nishant Jain

Nishant Jain UPSC AIR 13

Anil Dhamelia

Anil Dhamelia UPSC AIR 23

Mihir Patel.

Mihir Patel. UPSC AIR 27

Rajendra Patel

Rajendra Patel UPSC AIR 70

Rajender Pensiya

Rajender Pensiya UPS5C AIR 34

Amit K Singh

Amit K Singh UPSC AIR 396

Shreyansh Mohan

Shreyansh Mohan UPSC AIR 465

G.S Meena

G.S Meena UPSC AIR 539


Nivedita UPSC AIR 591

Deepka Palecha

Deepka Palecha UPSC AIR 717

    2015 TOPPERS

    Dibya Parida

    Dibya Parida UPSC AIR 26

    Ashish Dahiya

    Ashish Dahiya UPSC AIR 53

    Gaurav Sogarwal

    Gaurav Sogarwal UPSC AIR 99

    Raja Banthia

    Raja Banthia UPSC AIR 258

    Shashank Pratap Singh

    Shashank Pratap Singh UPSC AIR 429

    Shreyansh Mohan

    Shreyansh Mohan UPSC Rank 447

    Mayank Rana

    Mayank Rana UPSC AIR 536

    Chandrakanta Rathore

    Chandrakanta Rathore UPSC AIR 637

    Ravi Prakash Yadav

    Ravi Prakash Yadav UPSC AIR 903

      2016 TOPPERS

      Himanshu Jain

      Himanshu Jain UPSC AIR 44

      Gaurav Singh Sogarwal

      Gaurav Singh Sogarwal UPSC AIR 46

      Gautam Jain

      Gautam Jain UPSC AIR 59

      Milind Bapna

      Milind Bapna UPSC AIR 61

      Parikh Mirant Jain

      Parikh Mirant Jain UPSC AIR 71

      Rajarshi Shah

      Rajarshi Shah UPSC AIR 81

      Prateek Jain

      Prateek Jain UPSC AIR 82

      Namrata Jain

      Namrata Jain UPSC AIR 99

      Prathit Charan Mishra

      Prathit Charan Mishra UPSC Rank 106

      Sourav Jain

      Sourav Jain UPSC AIR 161

      Padmini Solanki

      Padmini Solanki UPSC AIR 170

      Honey Patodi

      Honey Patodi UPSC AIR 316

      Anita Yadav

      Anita Yadav UPSC AIR 350

      Shreyansh Mohan

      Shreyansh Mohan UPSC AIR 428

      Ashutosh Dwivedi

      Ashutosh Dwivedi UPSC AIR 454

      Deepka Parmar

      Deepka Parmar UPSC AIR 511

      Sandeep Kumar

      Sandeep Kumar UPSC AIR 927

        2019 TOPPERS

        Roma Shrivastav

        Roma Shrivastav UPSC AIR 70

        RAVI SIHAG


        Abhishek Kumar

        Abhishek Kumar UPSC AIR 288


        SUNIL UPSC AIR 463